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Wiki Activity Learners Guide

The Wiki Activity allows you to collaborate on a collection of pages that are set up by your teacher. The idea behind the wiki is that it collects and records a whole bunch of changes (or 'edits') that accumulate over time into a detailed view of the entire topic.

Navigating (Moving Around) the Wiki

When you first access the Wiki activity, you will see a screen something like this:

Wiki Main Screen. Click to view larger image.

Usually, the Wiki Main Page will explain the purpose of the wiki, and outline the key points for discussion and collaboration.

To navigate through the Wiki activity, you can click the links embedded in each page, or use the Wiki Pages menu at the bottom of the screen.

Navigating Wikis

Wiki pages are all cross-linked with one another, meaning that each Wiki page can have links to other pages, called sub-pages. This means that if you want to know more on a particular topic, or create a page discussing a certain word, you can create a new sub-page explaining that one small detail.
(Creating pages may not be allowed for particular wiki activities; check with your sequence monitor if you cannot create pages.)

Here is a view of a Child Page:

Wiki Child Page Click to view larger image.

Editing Wiki Pages

To edit Wiki pages, click the edit button at the top right corner of the screen. This will open the Wiki page using the FCKEditor, the standard editor in LAMS.

Editing a Wiki Page Click to view larger image.

The FCKEditor in the Wiki has some special features you need to know about:

On the Left of the toolbar are the standard formatting tools, like Bold, Italics and Underline. Then there are the list buttons and text alignment buttons. After those are the linking buttons. The first button, from the left, allows you to create cross links to other pages in the wiki:

Creating a CrossLink in a Wiki. Click for larger image.

The second button allows you to create links to other internet sites, and the third button allows you to insert images into wiki pages. (Some of these buttons may not be available in some Wiki activities - check with your monitor.)

Here is the view of the edited wiki page from the screenshot above - see the new line in green?

Edited Wiki Page Click for larger image.

Viewing the History of a Page

If you make a mistake when editing a page, or find something that is incorrect, you can view the History of the page to find out when the change was made, and who made it.

Viewing the Wiki Page History Click to view larger image.

For example, if we wanted to get rid of the change we made above we can find the change on this screen, and then, using the History link at the top right of the screen, change the Wiki page back to the first version. This process is called 'reverting.'

Reverting a Page Click to view larger image.

Reverting and viewing the history of a page means that nothing in a wiki is ever lost, so don't worry about making mistakes and changes - you can always go back to an earlier version.

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