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Wiki Monitoring

Summary Screen

View of the Wiki Monitoring Summary tab.
This wiki has been paired with a Grouping Object, so two sessions are visible.

Double Clicking a wiki activity on the Sequence or Learners tab opens the Summary Screen for the Activity.

The Summary screen for the Wiki enables monitors to view the advanced authoring options that have been selected for the tool (via the expandable menu) and get an overview of the number of learners participating in each wiki session.

From the Summary Screen, Monitors are able to enter individual wiki sessions and view, edit or add content, as well as view the content history. For details on editing a Wiki activity, view the authoring help, as the features are identical between the two environments (Authoring and Monitoring).

Wiki Sessions

An individual wiki session is created for each Group that joins the wiki activity. If the Wiki is set up as a simple activity as part of the sequence, there will only be one session. However, if the wiki is paired with a grouping object multiple wiki sessions (all with the same initial content) are created.


View of the Monitoring Instructions tab.
This wiki has been paired with a Grouping Object, so two sets of statistics are visible.

In the Authoring Environment, Authors can use the Instructions Space to attach support files for a specific activity, or leave comments for other Monitors about how a given activity should be run. These comments and attachments are viewed from hte Instructions Tab.

Authors using a wiki tool may choose to leave additional resources for monitoring teachers, or give tips about how to help scaffold the Learner's construction of the Wiki.

Edit Activity

Clicking the Edit Activity button opens a new screen identical to the _'Basic'_tab in the authoring environment.

  • In LAMS 2.1 and above, editing is allowed for activities that students have reached, but LAMS displays a warning:

    Warning: One of more students have accessed this activity.

    • In LAMS version 2.0.4, Editing can only be performed on activities that students have not yet reached.
      Changing this content will result in students getting different information.

Unlike Live Edit, this form of Editing can only modify the content of an activity, as opposed to the structure of a sequence.


The Wiki Statistics screen displays the total number of learners who have started the sequence, compared with the number of learners who have completed the Wiki activity.

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