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Lesson Tab

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The Lessons tab is the first of the three tab's for Monitoring an Individual sequence.

At the top of the screen, the Title Area displays the Name and Sequence Description. These are either read from the LAMS sequence itself, or can be entered by Monitors when the sequence is created.

Beneath the Title area, the Status Area displays the:

  • Status: Whether the lesson is Started, Suspended, or Archived.
    • Started sequences are available for learners to participate in.
    • Suspendedsequences are sequences that have been disabled by a monitor. New Learner's cannot access disabled sequences, but Learners aklready participating in the sequence can progress.
    • Archived sequence do not appear on Learner's 'Groups' screens, but are available for Monitors to view.
  • Learners: This area shows the number of Learner's who have started the sequence so far, and the total number of learners who are able to access the sequence.
    • Note that Learners does NOT indicate the number of Learners online at this moment, but rather how many Learners have joined the sequence since it was started.
  • Learner URL: Displays the Direct Lesson Launch URL for Learners.
    • This will only be displayed if your LAMS Administrator has enabled the Direct Lesson Launch feature.
  • Class: This displays the Class selected as the Learners for this sequence.

The Manage Lesson Area allows you to modify several sequence functions:

  • View Learners displays a pop-up menu with the Names and Logins of all Learners who can access the sequence.
  • Edit Class allows the addition of Learners to the sequence. (Note that you cannot Remove a Learner's access to a sequence if they were specified when the sequence was started.)
  • Select Status allows the Monitor to Disable, Archive, Enable or Delete a sequence.
  • Start displays the exact date and time at which the sequence was started. (Based on the System time of the LAMS Server.)
  • There is also a toggle to allow or disallow Learners to Export their Portfolios.

The Required Tasks Area displays Monitor tasks for a particular sequence, such as assigning Groups, choosing Scribes or opening Gates.

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