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Sequence Tab

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The Sequence tab is the second of the three Monitoring tabs. It provides a "sequence-based" view of Learner Progression through a Live Session - the Sequence display is identical to the sequence layout in the Authoring environment.

Learner Icons

Learners are represented by small white icons on the individual activity Icons. Learner positions can be updated by clicking the "Refresh" button in the top Right-hand corner of the screen. The icons are displayed at the current Learner position regardless of whether or not the Learner is Online or Offline.

You can Force Move a Learner to a specific activity in the sequence by Clicking-and-Dragging their icon to a specific activity. You can also move a Learner to the end of the sequence by Dragging them to the small grey door in the bottom-left of the Sequence tab.

Live Edit

The Sequence tab also contains the Link for "Live-Edit". This is a feature introduced since version 2.0.3 which allows Monitors to make changes to a lesson while it is running. Clicking the Live Edit button will first place a stop point in front of the learner who has progressed furthest in the lesson, and then open a new environment similar to the Authoring Environment. The Monitor can then make changes to the lesson, changing content, and adding or removing particular activities.

To better explain this in details, let's imagine the following example:

So you are a teacher and have started a lesson with a sequence that have four activities (say Noticeboard, Q&A, Shared Resources and a Chat -in that order).

As your students get into the lesson as learners, you can monitor their progress in Monitor. In the Monitor interface, at the Sequence Tab, you will see there's a new button called "Live Edit".

If you press this button, LAMS would load the Authoring environment and allow you to change the sequence by adding, removing or changing any activity that the learners haven't yet reached.

That means that if one of your learner has reached the second activity (Q&A) then you will be able to modify the sequence from that activity on wards.

Once the students finished the Q&A, then they will get a page that asks them to wait until the Teacher/Monitor finishes modifying the design.

While you are editing this live lesson, you can add, change or remove any activities as you please. Once you are done with your changes, by clicking on the "Apply Changes" button, LAMS removes the stop point that is stopping the students and they can go thru the sequence as you just redesigned it. And you are back in Monitor monitoring your new redesigned lesson. Note that you can press the "Live Edit" button at any time to redesign your lesson as many times as you like.

As you can see, this is quite powerful for teachers, as it is not uncommon for them to have to modify their lessons on the fly.

In the past, you were allow to modify the content of the activities from Monitor, however, you couldn't modify the actual design.

Check out Using Live Edit for a tutorial.

Monitor Contributions

Any "Contributions" to be made by a monitor, such as editing text for "Define in Monitor" tasks, marking essay/reports, releasing
stop points, etc.
To access the activity, the Monitor double-clicks on the paticular activity icon. Specific monitoring features for each activity are listed on their respective pages.

Export Portfolio

Finally, the sequence tab provides the Export Portfolio tool. This tool exports the entire lesson as completed by the Learners (complete with Learner input) into a .ZIP file containing the lesson as a bundle of HTML files with a directory file for accessing the various activity answers).

Note that this is not the same as the Individual Learner portfolio's, which only contain a particular Learners contributions to a lesson. The Lesson portfolio contains ALL contributions from ALL learners to a lesson.

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