Learners Tab

The Learners tab provides a "learner-based" view of learner progression through a live sequence session.
Learners are presented in a layered horizontal view of their progress through activities. The status of each activity is shown as follows:

  • Blue Circles indicate activities which have been completed by the learner.
  • Red Squares indicate the current position of the learner in the sequence (ie: the activity they are currently viewing)
  • and Green Triangles represent activities not yet reached.
    These colors and symbols are the same as used for the learner progress bar.

The key property of the Learner tab is that for any learner activity, the monitor can click on the relevant symbol, which will then show the learner's last view of this activity in a new window - this allows monitors to observe the progress of individual learners and groups within each activity.

From the Learners tab, Monitors can also Export a Portfolio for a particular learner. For individual activities, this portfolio will contain only the content from a specific learner. For group activities, the portfolio will contain the contributions from all group members. This option is available to the Monitor even if Learner Export has been disabled on the Lesson tab.

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