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Branching Condition for Forum

The Forum tool supports branching based on conditions. No setup is required in Forum - the condition is available automatically for a Tool Output Based Branching Activity if you have a prior Forum activity.

Learner's number of postings in the forum

This condition is based on the total number of posts that a learner/participant had made in a forum. The condition is expressed as a number. For example, if Sally has added two messages to one thread, and one message to another thread in the SAME forum activity, the total number of posts is 3.

So for branching, an author could set up conditions so that all users who have 0 to 5 postings go to one branch, whereas the users who have 6 or more postings go to another branch. The number of postings is checked when the user reaches the branching point so if they go back to the forum later and add more postings, then they will NOT change branches.

Internationalisation key (for translators): output.desc.learner.number.of.posts