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The Scribe Activity is, by default, not enabled as a stand-alone activity.
It allows a group of Learners to collaborate and create a written report with one Learner as the 'Scribe,' or Writer for the report.
The activity is most effective when paired with another collaborative activity. In the current release of LAMS (2.0.4) Scribe is available to be paired with either Chat or Forum.

Learning Libraries

LAMS Administrators can enable the Scribe tool as a standalone learning activity through Learning Library Management in System Administration.

Click here to view an animation on using the Scribe Activity. While this animation only demonstrates using a Scribe paired with a Chat activity, the creation and authoring process is identical for a Scribe and Forum pairing.

Scribe Authoring 

Using the Scribe Activity

The Scribe Activity should always used in conjunction with another activity that gives it context. For instance, if used with Chat, then the Scribe (one particular learner) is expected to collect or summarize the output of the Chat discussion into a succinct set of sentences. Once the scribe has done this, they publish the summary to the rest of the learners who vote whether they agree with the summary as proposed by the scribe. If not, they can ask the scribe to modify the report until all learners agree on the report.

Once the Scribe submits the report, the other learners in the group or class can agree or disagree with the summary. The scribe can finished the scribe task at any time regardless of the number of learners that have agreed with the proposed summaries. The Scribe task can also be finished through the monitoring environment by a teacher or instructor.

Once the scribe task is finished a report of the statements and summary is presented to all learners.

All properties sheets contain three tabs:

  • Basic: Which controls the Content of the Activity.
  • Advanced: Which controls the Behaviour of the Activity.
  • Instructions: Provides information on the structure of the activity.

Basic Tab

Click to magnify thumbnail

The Basic Tab for the Scribe Activity allows you to specify a title for the activity, give learners a set of instructions for completing the activity, and specify Scribe Headings for the Scribe to make entries for.

Authors set the scribe with a number of statements that Learners are to consider. There can be one or many statements.

When the learners reach the activity in the sequence, usually as part of a combined tool, the upper part of the screen will display the paired activity, either a Chat or Forum, and at the bottom will be the Scribe tool.
All Learners can view the Scribe Headings, but only one, the Scribe, si presented with a text entry area that allows them to write the summary.

  • Title: All Activities have a web page title which is presented at the top of the activity page when displayed in the Learning Environment. This is NOT the same title as the Title that can be set using the Properties Inspector.
  • *Instructions:*All Activities have a text area that is presented beneath the title. This is where the main activity text to be displayed to learners is entered. The text can be formatted using the Rich-Text Editor. Image, Video, Audio and URL content can also be displayed in the Instructions area.
  • Specific Features - Scribe Headings: The Scribe Activity allows Authors to define "Scribe Headings" in which the Learner designated as the Scribe makes entries underneath.
    • To add a Scribe Heading, click "+Create Heading."
    • To Edit a heading, click the Yellow Pencil. To Delete, click the Red Cross. To change the order in which headings are displayed, use the Green Arrows.

Advanced Tab

Click to magnify thumbnail.

  • Add Notebook... : This option is available on all Activities. Enabling this option creates a Notebook as part of the Activity, which Learner's can use to reflect on the activity just completed. The reflections are personal (ie: not shared with other learners).
  • Select Scribe: There are two ways to select which Learner is assigned as 'Scribe.'
    • First Learner: The activity selects the scribe based on which learner reaches the activity first.
    • *Select in Monitor:*Similarly to using 'Define Later,' this option allows a monitor to select which student is assigned Scribe through the monitoring environment, whilst the sequence is 'Live.'


View of the Instructions tab. This is the same for all activities.

The Instructions tab contains the same features for all Activities.

It allows the Author to create specific instructions for the activity, as well as upload files that may be useful for running the activity (ie: support documents, etc.). It is a resource that can be used by teachers who are running the sequence for their learners. (In the Monitoring Environment, the Instructions for an Activity can be viewed by double clicking the activity on the Sequence tab and then selecting the Instructions tab.

There are two types of Instruction possible, Offline and Online, depending on the mode that the teacher wishes to run the activity. The feature is useful for teachers who are sharing sequences with their colleagues as it provides an area where the Author can describe any learning objectives and/or the specific purpose of the activity.

Monitoring Scribe

Summary Screen

View of the Scribe Monitor Summary tab.

 The Summary Tab for the Scribe Activity allows Monitors to view the Scribe selected for each group or class, and the outcomes from the group report.  The Summary tab includes a graphic displaying the number of learners who agree with the Scribe Report, and the contributions the Scribe has made under each Scribe heading.If Select Scribe in Monitor has been enabled in the Authoring Environment, the Summary screen will display a drop-down menu for each group in the activity. The Monitor can then select from a List of Learners to allocate the Scribe for that group.


View of the Monitoring Instructions tab.

In the Authoring Environment, Authors can use the Instructions Space to attach support files for a specific activity, or leave comments for othe Monitors about how a given activity should be run.

These comments and files can be viewed from here - the Instructions Tab.

Edit Activity

Clicking the Edit Activity button opens a new screen identical to the _'Basic'_tab in the authoring environment. In the current version of LAMS (2.0.4), Editing can only be performed on activities that students have not yet reached.

Unlike Live Edit, this form of Editing can only modify the content of an activity, as opposed to the structure of a sequence.


The Scribe Summary screen repeats the information on Scribe Contributions and Learner agreements as seen on the Summary Tab.

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