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The LAMS Activity Planner has been designed to produce runnable learning activities that can be readily used with students. It provides a scaffold that guides teachers through the design process so that they can add their own content to educationally sound learning activities. In this way, the LAMS Activity Planner will support the sharing of effective pedagogy. It encourages the reuse of existing learning designs, resources and learning objects without requiring lecturers to become experts in learning design or theory.

See the Activity Planner in Action

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The LAMS Activity Planner can be used:

  • To share methods used by others;
  • To inspire teachers to adopt a new teaching strategy and support them in doing so;
  • To Help teachers make theoretically informed decisions about the development of learning activities and choice of appropriate tools and resources to undertake them;
  • To Provide design ideas in a structured way — so that relations between design components are easy to understand;
  • To Combine a clear description of the learning design, and offer a rationale which bridges pedagogical philosophy, research-based evidence and experiential knowledge;
  • As a database of existing learning activities and examples of good practice which can then be adapted and reused for different purposes;
  • To encode the designs in such a way that it supports an iterative, fluid, process of design and/or
  • As a mechanism for abstracting good practice and metamodels for learning.

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