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Essential Use Cases (as per the proposal)

  1. Research Management Workflow
    Managing the research enterprise lifecycle (from grant planning to grant submission, to project initiation, to project lifecycle management, to research outcome dissemination)

  2. RQF Workflow
    Implementing auditable evaluation processes for assessing research quality (RQF assessor workflows, journal/conference peer review management, etc)

  3. Digital Repository Workflow
    Designing and tracking article submission processes for Institutional Repositories

  4. On-line Research Collaboration Workflow
    Flexibly configuring and running online research collaboration processes (such as staged collaborative analysis and discussion for PhD/Postdocs around raw data, leading to interpretation, visualisation, and ultimately publications)

  5. Research Data Collection Workflow
    Process-oriented research data collection from human subjects (such as in the humanities, and social and cognitive sciences).

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