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  • Edit on fly
  • Branching
    • Output
    • User defined
    • Groups
    • Merge at the end or dead-end branches
    • Loops
    • branching with empty branches (but the other branch has some activities
    • Data in/out (including across sequences)
  • Notifications (where they are part of gates or not -to be seen)
  • Roles with a project and also within sequences
    • Roles within activities
  • Triggers
    • Time (Weekly, Daily, monthly)
    • Special events (output from a sequence/activity) [maybe set those in Authoring and monitor]
      • Machine/external trigger workflows (one sequence finishes and spawns another sequence?) [CF: sequence aggregation]
    • Schedule
  • Gates (another types)
    • Based on outputs from activities
  • Sequence aggregator
  • Project page
  • Different views
    • Swimlanes
    • Monitoring sequences according to different roles
    • My tasks (some sort of views that summary of what you need to do) - review the word 'task' though
    • Task status within a lesson
  • Floating activities
  • Non-ending activities (or sequences)
  • Sequenced activities
  • My To do
  • RAMS express
  • Ready to go sequence (kinda RAMS express)
  • Tool wrappers to external process/ webservices tools (question)
  • Authoring
    • Aware or roles (swim lanes)
    • Permissions on what roles can see/do what within activities
  • Engine
    • What's the next activity for me (based on the permissions set on the sequence for roles)
  • Sequence status level and individual sequence status
  • Tools
    • permissions for views according to roles?
      • view
        • Full view
        • Initial view only (display only authoring data)
        • Can't view but sees only the title
        • Can't view but sees that the tasks exists
        • Can't view nor can see that it exists

To do view:

Running Sequence 1
    Status: Active [Forum]    Next task: Vote

Running Sequence 2
    Status: Active [Forum]    Next task: [To be determined]

Running Sequence 2a
    Status: Active [Forum]    Next task: [Waiting]

Running Sequence 3
    Status: Waiting    Next task: Forum

Running Sequence 4
    Status: Finished

My completed/archived running sequences

Running Sequence 5 [Finished]

Running Sequence 6 [Disabled]

My To Do Notes:

Running sequence 1

  no condition to get to the next activity.

Running sequence 2

  you have a task but there's a condition that will determine which or waht activity you get next

Running sequence 2a

   you have a known task (or not) next but there's a condition that has to be resolved before you get access to.

Running sequence 3

  you have a known task (or not) next but there's a condition that has to be resolved before you get access to.

Running sequence 4

   you don't have a next activity and are waiting for someone to complete the running sequence

Running sequence 5

   the running sequence is completed (no activity/task required)

Sequence status and where to present them

My To Do

  • Enabled
  • Disabled (Paused?)


  • Scheduled (no your tasks status) (they can't get into it yet)

My Complete/archive

  • Completed
  • Archived


LAMS Running Sequence = RAMS running sequence

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