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Conferences and Presentations June/July 2009

James, Leanne and I will be doing and extensive world tour presenting LAMS in the following cities/places:


22 June: Universidad de Cadiz, Spain
23-24 June: Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
25-30 June: Universidad La Salle Barcelona, Spain
1-3 July: Visiting Universidad Complutence de Madrid and Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia, Madrid, Spain
6 July: Developing Adaptive Tutorials using LAMS and AeLP Workshop at AIED 2009 Bristol, UK
7-9 July: European LAMS Conference 2009 Milton Keynes, UK
10 July: London Knowledge Labs London, UK
13-16 July: IMS Global Learning Consortium Quarterly Meeting Montreal, Canada

If you are close by are want to learn more about LAMS, don't hesitate to contact me to participate in these presentation/seminars.


1-2 July: AICTEC Meeting Darwin, Australia
3 July: Presenting LAMS 2.3 at NTU Singapore
6-8 July: European LAMS Conference 2009 Milton Keynes, UK
9 July: Presentation at Sakai Conference in Boston, US
10 July: Attending OER Discovery 2009 meeting hosted by ccLearn/Open Society Institute at Berkman Centre, Harvard, Boston

Contact James


22-26 June: Ed-MEDIA, Honolulu, Hawaii
28 June-1 July: NECC Conference, Washington DC
2 July: Presenting LAMS at Solution Grove Boston, US
6-8 July: European LAMS Conference 2009 Milton Keynes, UK

Contact Leanne

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