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  1. m1_monitoring2.swf

  2. Moodle1.swf

  3. JSP and HTML Conventions

    it) will appear. The image used as the tool icon must be either a SWF or a JPEG as these are the only two formats that Flash is able to load on the fly. SWF Format A SWF
    LAMSAug 30, 2006
  4. Creating Wink Pages

    using Rich Text view. Compile the animation in the Wink program - you will need the .swf file that the wink program creates. Create a page in Confluence…
    LAMS Documents (English)Dec 18, 2008
  5. Generate flash icon images for tools

    : $ sudo apt-get install swftools Then get the PNG or JPG image you want to turn into an swf file and do: $ png2swf -o icon_wookie.swf -X 28 -Y 28 -j 95 icon.png The X and Y…
    LAMSJan 06, 2012
  6. Windows Installer Help

    Windows Installer Help In this page you'll find all the necessary software you need to install LAMS using the windows installer. If you want to build LAMS from source, you can follow the instructions in Building LAMS. For production environments, we recom…
    LAMS Documents (English)Nov 12, 2018
  7. Windows Upgrading Help

    Upgrading LAMS in Windows If you already have a version of LAMS installed, go to the Downloads page and get the next version from your current installation. If you have LAMS 2.3.2, the next upgrade is LAMS 2.3.3, then after that LAMS 2.3.4 and so on. Here…
    LAMS Documents (English)Mar 04, 2010
  8. Assisted Translations

    Assisted translations To make things easier for translators, Daniel Schneider had a brilliant idea: use online translating tools to translate LAMS labels. We have managed to put together a demo here and we will extend this shortly later on though so these…
    LAMSFeb 18, 2010
  9. Translating LAMS

    Bienvenido добро пожаловать Bienvenue Benvenuto 欢迎 υποδοχή Willkommen 歓迎 ! Translating LAMS to all languages If you are reading this page, it's most likely because you just become a LAMS translator! Congratulations and thank you for helping us translate L…
    LAMSMar 24, 2010
  10. tasklist.swf

    swf from Wink 1.5.1600…