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Page: laasse10
Assessment Tool !laasseIcon.png! The Assessment tool allows sequence authors to create a series of questions with a high degree flexibility in total weighting. In future revisions, the tool will interface with a 'question bank' allowing the author to automatically create randomised questions for learners. Learners ...
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Page: lamc11
Multiple Choice !lamcIcon.PNG! The Multiple Choice activity allows teachers to create simple automated assessment questions, including multiple choice and true/false questions. These questions can be used for summative assessment with scores, or formative assessment with feedback. Teaching and Learning ...
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Page: lasbmt11
Submit Files !lasbmtIcon.PNG! The Submit Files Activity allows learners to submit one or more files to the LAMS server for review by a teacher. The teacher can then input grades into the system based on these files, which can then be viewed by the learners. The tool also provides ...
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