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page uses subsections which are editable for users with editing permissions. \\ It will be easier to maintain this page if you use the edit links on the page below, rather than editing the page as a whole. cloak.toggle.exclusive=true Gates !lagat11stopgate.PNG! \\ !lagat11flowmenu.PNG! Gates allow teachers ...
Other labels: gate, v2_2
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Groupings !groupingicon.PNG! The Grouping Tool is a different to other activities in that its role is to modify the behaviour of other tools rather than conduct a learner activity in its own right. The addition of a Grouping Tool to a sequence allows other activities to run in small ...
Other labels: grouping, v2_2
Page: LAMS Tutorials
LAMS Tutorials Learners are the Main users of LAMS, participating in sequences that are created by Authors. Using LAMS as a Learner Learner Experience in LAMS LAMS also comes with an flashless interface, for use on devices that don't support flash. This animation Enabling the Flashless ...
Other labels: tutorials, winks
Page: lanb11
Noticeboard !lanbIcon.PNG! The Noticeboard Activity provides a simple way of providing information and content to the learners. The activity can display text, images, links and other HTML content. The Noticeboard in LAMS 2.0 supersedes both the Noticeboard and HTML Noticeboard tools from ...
Other labels: noticeboard, v2_2, act_inform
Page: lantbk11
Notebook !ntbkIcon.PNG! The Notebook Activity is a tool for learners to record their thoughts during a sequence. In much the same way that the advanced Reflection feature is used, the Notebook tool allows the teacher to include a specific activity during ...
Other labels: notebook, v2_2, act_reflect
Page: lasbmt11
Submit Files !lasbmtIcon.PNG! The Submit Files Activity allows learners to submit one or more files to the LAMS server for review by a teacher. The teacher can then input grades into the system based on these files, which can then be viewed by the learners. The tool also provides ...
Other labels: act_assess
Page: lavote11
Voting !lavoteIcon.PNG! The Voting Activity allows teachers to provide learners with a list of options to "Vote" on. It is similar to the Q&A Activity laqa11 in that Voting shows first one screen with all the available voting options, then a screen showing the individual learner's selection, then a screen ...
Other labels: voting, act_reflect
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