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Page: Creating and using "Choose in Monitor" Groupings
Regular LAMS It will be documented later. Using LAMS via integrations Grouping is not used for branching. Grouping is not used for branching and thus learning design looks similar to the following: !Screen Shot 20170712 at 22.29.39.png border=1,width=300! ExtGroupsUrl setting is not set ...
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Page: Creating LAMS Groups
Creating Groups in LAMS A Group in LAMS is a way to collect many learners under one or more instructors. The beauty of Groups is that each individual LAMS user can be allocated different rights in different subgroups, that is, a Learner in one group may be an ...
Page: lagrp11
Groupings !groupingicon.PNG! The Grouping Tool is a different to other activities in that its role is to modify the behaviour of other tools rather than conduct a learner activity in its own right. The addition of a Grouping Tool to a sequence allows other activities to run in small ...
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