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Page: Blackboard
Integrating Blackboard with LAMS LAMS has been integrated with Blackboard for a long time. Therefore we have several integrations that have been developed according to the Blackboard versions. Select the Blackboard version: Blackboard 9 Blackboard 7 and 8 Blackboard ...
Page: Blackboard 9
Integration Blackboard 9 with LAMS From LAMS 2.4, you can now use the LAMS 1.2 Building Block for Blackboard 9. This new integration Building Block, aside from UI improvements, it now has gradebook integration. Tutorials ...
Page: Blackboard 9 Configuration
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Page: Blackboard Authoring Tutorial
Authoring a sequence using the Blackboard/LAMS integration
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Page: Blackboard CE 6
Integrating Blackboard CE 6 with LAMS The LAMS2Blackboard CE 6 (formerly known as WebCT) integration was developed with Blackboard Version 6.1.2 and has been tested for 6.2. It is recommended that LAMS and Blackboard CE 6 be installed on separate servers to account for the heavy ...
Page: Blackboard CE 6 Usage
LAMS Blackboard CE tutorial for users. or follow:
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Page: Blackboard Configuration Tutorial
Walkthrough of the integration process for Blackboard/LAMS
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Page: Blackboard Learning Tutorial
Demonstrates participating in a LAMS sequence through the Learning environment
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Page: Configuring Moodle Integration
an ugly hack in place to display this Wink something about the flash plugin. If possible, find a way to fix. WIKI5@bugs <HEAD> <TITLE>LAMS Tutorial: Moodle Integration Walkthrough</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <CENTER> <H1>Moodle:LAMS ...
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Page: Creating and using "Choose in Monitor" Groupings
Regular LAMS It will be documented later. Using LAMS via integrations Grouping is not used for branching. Grouping is not used for branching and thus learning design looks similar to the following: !Screen Shot 20170712 at 22.29.39.png border=1,width=300! ExtGroupsUrl setting is not set ...
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