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Page: Install Moodle2 LAMS Plugin
integration described in this page only applies to Moodle 2.x. For all Moodle 1.6.8 to 1.9.x instance please see this page Moodle The Moodle 2 integration is a stable release since Jan 17, 2012. If you want to join the discussion, please ...
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Page: Moodle2
Features Moodle 2 has a whole bunch of major changes under the hood and some of these new architectural affected our Moodle 1.x integration Moodle. So in this page we discuss the new integration with Moodle 2. This is also a good opportunity ...
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Page: Moodle 2 plugin development
Implemented Moodle features The LAMS plugin for Moodle implements the following features: Status completion Completion tracking Groups and groupings Grade outcomes Grades Backup and restore Setup Downloaded Following the README.txt instructions did the following changes: mv ...
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