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Page: Authoring Environment
LAMS Authoring {}Table of Contents The Authoring Environment is where you create and modify the sequences or learning designs that are used in Learner. You can access the Author environment by clicking on the Blue Author tab at the top of the screen, once you have logged ...
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Blog post: LAMS 2.2 Available!
We are proud to release LAMS 2.2 lams:LAMS 2.2 Feature List as the latest stable version. This new release has lots of new features and improvements lams:LAMS 2.2 Feature List including Textbased Branching lams:LAMS ...
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Page: lascrt11
Scratchie !lascrtIcon.PNG! The Scratchie provides an online version of the TBL scratch cards that automatically calculates scores and marks. This animation explains how to create and use the Scratchie Activity Video introduction to Team Based Learning Mr. Paul Gagnon http ...
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