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Page: About LAMS
LAMS is a revolutionary new tool for designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities. It provides teachers with a highly intuitive visual authoring environment for creating sequences of learning activities. These activities can include a range of individual tasks, small group ...
Page: assessment_types
page describes the question types available for use in laasse10authoring For most textentry fields in each question type, you can use the full features of the fckEditor toolbar Using the Online HTML Editor. There are several fields common to all question types ...
Page: CK Media Player Tutorial
Demonstrates the use of the FCKEditor Media Plugin available in LAMS 2.3 and above
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Page: Gradebook
New LAMS Gradebook (available from version 2.3) is a central place for Teachers and Learners to view their results from LAMS lessons. For Teachers and other educators, the Gradebook allows for the centralised marking of learner contributions over all the lessons in a course. For Learners ...
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Page: Installing a media server (Red5) for LAMS
Attention: Support for Red5 media server has been now deprecated. Please use the Kaltura tool for video instead. About the media server (Red5) !! As of LAMS 2.3, video recording has been made ...
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Page: Instant Messaging

Page: laimag10
Image Gallery The Image Gallery Tool is an upcoming feature of LAMS version 2.3 lams:Roadmap#LAMSv2.3 !laimagIcon.png! The Image Gallery tool allows authors and learners to upload a series of image to LAMS and review and rate them. This animation describes ...
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Page: lamind10authoring
Mind Map Activity Authoring \ Basic Tab #basic \ Advanced Tab #advanced \ Instructions #instructions \ Conditions #conditions \ All properties sheets contain three tabs: The Basic tab controls the content of the activity. The Advanced tab controls how the activity ...
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Blog post: LAMS 2.3 Testing!
LAMS 2.3 is on it final stages and getting closed to be released! It comes with a ton of very cool features and fixes lams:Roadmap#LAMSv2.3 that will make your LAMS experience a lot better. But in order to get this release out to you quicker, we need ...
Page: lascrb11
Scribe !lascrbIcon.PNG! The Scribe Activity is, by default, not enabled as a standalone activity, but is used in 'dualscreen' roles, such as with a Chat lachat11, Forum lafrum11 or Submit Files lasbmt11 activity. It allows a group of Learners to collaborate and create a written report with one Learner as the 'Scribe,' or Writer ...
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