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Related Labels: v2_3

CK Media Player Tutorial
Demonstrates the use of the FCKEditor Media Plugin available in LAMS 2.3 and above
Other labels: v2_3
Pixlr Activity Tutorial
Demonstrates authoring with the Pixlr image editing activity
Tasklist Tutorial
Task List Tutorial
Using the Q&A Cognitive Skills Wizard
Shows how to enable the Q&A Cognitive skills wizard through the admin interface
Wookie Widgets
Wookie activity allows sequence authors to import Wookie widgets from a Wookie server integrated with LAMS
Working with the Moodle Integration
Demonstrates Authoring, Learning and Monitoring in the LAMS/Moodle integration. NumFrames: 96 Frame: 1 Title: NumCallouts: 1 > Welcome! This animation will demonstrate Authoring, Learning and Monitoring in a Moodle/LAMS integrated environment. > Frame: 2 Title: NumCallouts: 1 > To add ...