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activities, act_assess, act_collab, act_inform, act_reflect, add, added, add_lesson, and, author, authoring, based, branching changing, chat, competence, deprecated, email, embed, enrolment, equations, fckeditor, files, floating, for, formulae gallery, gate, gradebook, grouping, image, install, installation, instances, integrations, jboss, jsmath
lagmap10, lamind10, lams2_3, lams_core, lasbmt11, lasprd10, latex, lavidr10, ldev-2657, leader, learner, learner_guide, learning, link macros, math, mathematics, maths, monitor, monitoring, moodle, multiple, news, notebook, noticeboard openfire, optional, outputs, page, pages, parent, performance, plugin, port, qa
register, registration, release, resources scratchie, self, server, service, share, shibboleth, sign, sign-up, signup, skype, submit, support, survey tbl, team, tool, tools, translations, troubleshooting, tutorial, tutorials, up
v2_2, v2_3, v2_4, v2_5, voting, web, wiki, wildfire, wink, winks 4ybx8megfgu