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h1. Groupings


The *Grouping Tool* is a different to other activities in that its role is to modify the behaviour of other tools rather than conduct a learner activity in its own right.
The addition of a Grouping Tool to a sequence allows other activities to run in _small group mode_, rather than as a _whole class activity_.
The Grouping Tool has no properties page of it's own, and is configured by using the Properties Inspector.

There are four types of groups:
* Number of groups;  learners are distributed into a specific number of groups.
* Number of learners; groups are created to facilitate a particular number of learners in each group.
* Chosen groups; groups are defined in Monitoring view once the sequence has started.
* Student selected grouping; students can select from a list of groups created by the author.

{lozenge:icon=!home^clapper.png!|title=Animated Tutorial|link=Grouping Objects Tutorial|arrow=none|color=blue}This animation explains how to create and use the *Grouping Objects.*{lozenge}
{lozenge:icon=!home^clapper.png!|title=Grouping and Branching|link=Branching, Group Based|arrow=none|color=green}You can also use a Grouping Tool in conjunction with a *Branching Activity.*{lozenge}

{note:title=Grouping Sequence Errors} A common mistake is to set an activity to use a Grouping Tool *{_}before{_}* the Grouping Tool has occurred in the sequence.
If you do this, it will result in an error when you try and run your sequence.  Make sure that no activities in your sequence use a Grouping Tool _before_ the Tool appears in the sequence.