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There are two ways to install the LAMS ToolBuilder into Eclipse:

  1. (Recommended) Download using Eclpse's inbuild plug-in download manager.
  2. Download from the LAMS downloads page, then manually copy the jar into the Eclipse plugin directory.


  1. Open up Eclipse.
  2. Go to help->software updates->find and install->new remote site.
  3. Enter a name for the site (eg LAMS)
  4. Copy the following URL for the remote site location: []
  5. Then just follow the prompts to install the ToolBuilder.

To install using  the second method, please follow these steps (WARNING, this method does not ensure successful installation because of dependancies).

  1. Download the org.lams.toolbuilder_1.0.x.jar binary.
  2. If Eclipse is running, shut it down.
  3. Copy org.lams.toolbuilder_1.0.x.jar to the eclipse/plugins directory of your Eclipse installation.
  4. Restart Eclipse. The tool should now appear in the list of available plugins.