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Language               Locale    Locale-Direction
English(Australia)    en_AU    LTR
Español                  es_ES     LTR
Deutsch                 de_DE     LTR
????                  zn_CN    LTR
Français                 fr_FR      LTR
Italiano                  it_IT       LTR
Norsk                    no_NO     LTR
???                    ko_KR     LTR
Polski                    pl_PL       LTR
Português (Brasil)  pr_BR      LTR
????????               el_GR      LTR
????(Arabic)            ar_JO      RTL
Ti?ng Vi?t              vi_VN      LTR
Chinese (Taiwan)    zh_TW    LTR

Running the Ant script 

Intalling LAMS 2.0 using the binary pack is easy, it is simply a matter of typing in the install options you want in Once you have updated the file (located in the root directory of the extracted package) and then running the , then installation is easy. Run the installation ant script by typing:
>$ sudo ant/bin/ant install

NOTE: It is suggested that you use the included ant executable instead of your own to ensure that the database configuration runs correctly.

Once the script finishes successfully, you should be able to run LAMS 2.0 by simply going into the <jboss-4.0.2 dir>/bin and typing: ./