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Comment: Upgrade for 2.0.1 release

Welcome to the LAMS 2.0.x Development Wiki

Hi there. My name is Dolly the lamb and I'm the official mascot of the LAMS 2 .0 project.

On this Wiki you can find all development information about LAMS 2 .0 development. If you are not familiar with LAMS, please read this site for more info on LAMS.  If you are looking information about earlier version of LAMS, please visit the LAMS Foundation


     LAMS 2.0.1 is now out *(as of December 6thMarch 8th, 20062007).

LAMS 2.0.1 is a new release with lots of bug fixes and improvements, many of which have been suggested by the LAMS Community.
This version is the immediate successor of LAMS 2.0 (released in Dec 2006) which is a complete redevelopment from 1v1.0.x and includes a large list of features.

LAMS 2.0.1 has a Windows Installer. You can also build LAMS manually.