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Changed Java Files

Here is an itemised list of java files, and what has been changed in order to make the tool adapter work. It should be noted that the tool adapter tools were developed using the tool builder, with the Notebook tool being the template used.


  • This class handles the export portfolios for learner and monitor. We have left it up to the external tool to handle the form of this, as getting this information all in one go is not always possible. The main difference between this exportServlet and that in other tools is that instead of rendering its own html file from a jsp. This class will simply call the external tool adapter servlet and request the export portfolio file. Then it simple copied the file to the export location.

Code and examples

Currently there are two Tool Adapters, one for Moodle and one for .LRN. The Java code for these Tool Adapters can be browse in our CVS server. For changes to the LMS Tools to work with these Tool Adapters, see the Moodle Tool Adapter and .LRN Tool Adapters] pages respectively. Details for our CVS server are here.