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Tips on Flash programming in LAMS

See WDDX.ASDoc (The equivalent of Javadoc for Actionscript....)


The ASDocs are located in lams_documents/UI_Design_Docs/apidoc/frameset.html


View the client debugging window - press CTRL-ALT-? in the Flash window.

The Development Environment

So far we have been using Flash Studio MX 2004. Sepy the Actionscript editor makes a great tool - bit buggy and does crash a bit. Monitoring the Eclipse Actionscript developer plug-ins. Could be a good alternative.

Issue - Compiler caches external class files

This seems to happen occasionaly, basically the solution is to delete the ASO cache from your local disk. That is all the files here:
\Macromedia\Flash MX 2004\en\Configuration\Classes\aso.

See this Macromedia technote for instructions.