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| * [*What's NEW in LAMS 2?*|About LAMS#whatsNew] \\ What new features are available in the new version? |
| * [*Who else is using LAMS?*|Who Is Using LAMS?] \\ Where is LAMS being used? Read some case studies and reports. |
| * [*Where can I try out LAMS?*|http://demo.lamscommunity.org/] LAMS?*|https://demo.lamsfoundation.org/] \\ You can register for a free account on the LAMS 2 Demonstration Server [here.|http://demo.lamscommunity.org/] [here.|https://demo.lamsfoundation.org/] |
| * [*Where can I download LAMS?*|lams:Downloads] \\
This is where you can download and install LAMS on your own server. |