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  • The Competence Editor is accessed via the Tools menu.
    • Image Added Select Tools > Competence Editor

    • Image Added Here you can create individual competencies based on what the sequence sets out to achieve.


    • This example uses the outcomes from the the NSW IPT Stage 6 Syllabus to demonstrate.

At the moment, the Competency Editor bugs out when you add a full stop ( . ) to the title. This has been reported as LDEV-1990

Image RemovedOnce the Competencies have been created, you can map competencies to individual activities in the sequence.


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Showing the Command button to map competencies to an activity.


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Showing the selection of seperate competencies for an activity.

Viewing Competencies in the Monitoring Environment

Competencies can be viewed in Monitoring by right-clicking on the activity in Sequence view and selecting View Competencies

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