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The tool icon is displayed two places in authoring - in the toolkit on the left hand side and on the canvas. The size of the icon is different in the two places.

If you do not supply an icon a either the tool icon will be blank or the "missing" icon (question mark with a line through it) will appear.

_The image used as the tool icon must be either a SWF or a JPEG as these are the only two formats that Flash is able to load on the fly._
h3. JPEG to SWF

If you have a JPEG that you want to convert to a SWF, you can use the JPG2SWF utility ([http://www.zarinmedia.com/software/]) to convert from JPEG to SWF. However the quality will not be as good as a SWF made up directly in Illustrator and never converted to a bitmap.

h2. Webapp Web Directory