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Q&A Cognitive Skills

The Q&A question wizard helps authors choose "right" type of question to ask learners. The Q&A question wizard provide authors with a tool for promoting higher-order learning to engage learners in the learning process. Authors can use any preferred taxonomy for categorizing level of abstraction of questions.

The administrator of a LAMS server configures and enables the wizard. When the author want to create a new question the Question Assistance could be used to choose a category and then the second menu will display the cognitive skills of this category. After the author selects a cognitive skill, he'll be presented with a question template you he selects a template of question.

Taxonomy provides a useful structure in which to categorize questions. Since into a lot of activities will characteristically asking/posing questions within particular levels, and if author can determine the levels of questions that will appear on his activities, learners will be able to study using appropriate strategies to develop all their thinking skills from lower-order to higher-order knowledge.

Creating Questions based on Cognitive Skills

To enable Q&A question wizard


You will need administrator access to complete this step.

1. Login as Administrator

2. Select Sys Admin

3. Select Tool Management

4. Select Tool Management for the Q&A activity.

3. Check the Enable the Q&A question wizard (tick)

4. Click on "Save" button

To run Q&A question wizard

1. Drag & Drop a Q&A activity on Authoring mode

2. Edit the Activity

3. Click +Create New Question and then click on the Question Assistance

4 Choose a category of the current Cognitive Skills Taxonomy

5. Choose from the second menu a cognitive skill.

6. Choose a stem question (question template) you like to use

7. Select another question template if you want more at once.

To create a Cognitive Skills Taxonomy

1. Click Add to add a new category.

2. Select an existing category from the first popup menu and then click on Edit to change it or on Delete to erase it.

3. Select a Category. Click Add button on the second line (subcategory) to add a new cognitive skill.

4. Select a Cognitive Skill. Click Add button on the third line (Question Templates) to add a new stem of a question.

To Export Wizard Cognitive Skills Taxonomy

1. Click "Export Wizard"

2. Select "Save As ..."

3. Select a folder and click OK.
To Import Wizard Cognitive Skills Taxonomy

1. Click on to browse in your Computer or Network

2. Select the qa-wizard.xml file and click "Open"

3. Click "Import Wizard" to load the Taxonomy to the wizard

4. Click OK when you receive a message to accept this change.


Thanks to Spyros Papadakis for putting this guide together.