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Adding a Google Maps API Key to LAMS.

This procedure is used to incorporate Google Maps into the Gmap activity.


You will also need an active Google account to receive the API key.

  1. Navigate to the Google Maps API registration page.

  2. Make sure you click the check box to agree with the Terms and Conditions

  3. Enter the URL of your lams server.
    IMPORTANT! You must include the full location of the server, for example
    The API key will not work unless you include the ... /lams/

  4. Sign in with a Google account.

  5. Copy the text in the box titled Your key is:

  6. Log into LAMS using a System Administration account.

  7. Open Sys Admin

  8. Open Tool Management

  9. Scroll down to the Gmap tool and click Tool Management.

  10. Paste in the API key.

  11. Click Save

And you're done!

LAMS will now provide Google Maps as requested by the gmap activity