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{excerpt}[*Pixlr*|] is a powerful online flash-based image editor that can be included as a LAMS activity. The editor has powerful image creation and editing features, and the interface will be familiar to anyone who has used Paint, or more advanced editors like Photoshop or GIMP.{excerpt}

{tip}Haldor Lønningdal of ICT Publish has recently published a whole set of video tutorials on using the advanced features in the actual Pixlr client.
You can find them at [].{tip}

{info}[Ernie|~ernieg] has created a demo sequence on the LAMS Community showing a Pixlr activity. (You will need an account to preview the sequence) \\ [*Click here to view.*|] {info}

[{note}Pixlr functions best with the latest version of Flash - Version 10. [Get it here.{note}|] here.|]{note}
{lozenge:icon=!home^clapper.png!|title=Animated Tutorial|link=Pixlr Activity Tutorial|arrow=none|color=blue}This animation demonstrates Authoring and Learning with a Pixlr activity.{lozenge}