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If you are looking for LAMS support, see the LAMS Community, the global online community for all teachers, administrators and developers that use LAMS or LAMS International for commercial support and hosting services.

Is this


Wiki for me?

This wiki will be of interest only to people who are developing LAMS source code or are interested in the architecture used in LAMS 1.1.

Like most wikis, we add to the wiki as we think of it and bits of it will be out of date.

Interested in learning about developing LAMS? Start with the Overview. The Glossary of Terms is a handy reference to what we mean when we say "learning design", "activity", "tool session" and so on. When you are ready to start programming, consult Building LAMS and the Tool Contract.

What are the features of LAMS 1.1 and what's the current development status?

LAMS 1.1 has a new architecture as well as vast number of new features and improvements. This page will give you an up-to-date status of the project as well as show you animations (winks) and pictures on our alpha version of LAMS 1.1.