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The New LAMS Gradebook (available from version 2.3) is a central place for Teachers and Learners to view their results from LAMS lessons.

  • For Teachers and other educators, the Gradebook allows for the centralised marking of learner contributions over all the lessons in a course.
  • For Learners, the Gradebook gives an overview of all their work in a LAMS course.

Using the Gradebook

Enabling the Gradebook


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The Gradebook features must be enabled by a System Administrator for each course they are required. Click here for details. (Click again to hide.)

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Enabling the Gradebook for a Group
(warning) System Administration priveliges are required.

  1. Select Group Management on the Home Screen.
  2. Click the Group Name that you wish to enable Gradebook for.
  3. Click the Edit (Group Name) button. eg: Edit Playpen
  4. Check the box for Enable Gradebook for Monitors
    • If necessary, untick the Enable Gradebook for Learners checkbox. This will restrict Gradebook access to Group Monitors only.
      You cannot enable the gradebook for Learners and NOT for Monitors.
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Authoring Using the Gradebook

Authoring: Mapping Activities to a Gradebook

All tool activities in a sequence will appear in Gradebook, you will see progress and time information for all tool activities regardless of whether the activity is a noticeboard or a multiple-choice activity. However, you might want to set up a select set of activities in a sequence that will automatically send data straight to Gradebook when a learner finishes an activity. This can be used as a means of automated marking, and will take any type of integer output - for instance number of correct answers in a multiple choice, or number of postings in a forum, and - send the data straight into gradebook upon the learner's completion of the activity. One of the great advantages of this is that the Gradebook output mappings you set up in author can be saved and exported along with the sequence, which can be shared and re-used at a later date.

Any activity that outputs a number can have its result sent to Gradebook. Some examples are:

  • Multiple choice can output the number of correct answers.
  • Forum can output the number of posts.
  • Wiki can output the number of contributions or edits.
  • ... and et cetera.
    For information on the outputs from each activity, view the outputs section on each activity page.

To add an activity to the Gradebook, select the appropriate output for assessment under the Gradebook Output field in the Properties Inspector (For more information on available outputs, see the individual activity pages - links are above.)

Depending on the content of the activity, and the activity type, the outputs to Gradebook will automatically update. For example, a Multiple choice with 10 questions will output a mark out of ten, while a forum outputting 'number of posts' will pass a number value to the Gradebook.

Authoring: Mapping to Competencies

If you have a sequence that has included competences, these can be displayed as part of the gradebook.


The competences column needs to be enabled for each particular view using the button.

Monitoring and Marking the Gradebook

Once a lesson has been marked, the marks need to be released for learners to view them. The release option is at the top of any unreleased gradebooks (course or lesson).

Gradebook Interface

The following screenshot details the elements of the Gradebook interface:

  • Refresh: Updates the gradebook with the latest results from the Lesson.
  • Search: Opens a search box that allows for searching of lesson names or learner names.
  • Show/Hide Columns: Selects columns to display as part of the gradebook
  • Navigation: moves between pages of the gradebook, and also allows monitors to choose how many records are displayed.
  • Sorting: The gradebook can also be sorted by each column, by clicking the title at the top of each column.
  • Clicking the icon on the left of each row will show a sub-grid containing further related information about that row.
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