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Windows XP Scenario 1

  1. #Installation (tick)
  2. #Functional Test



  1. Windows XP Pro (tick)
  2. Install MySQL Server (tick)
  3. Install Java JDK6 (tick)
  4. Install Wildfire (tick)
  5. Install LAMS 2.3 (tick)

Windows XP Professional

Installing MySQL Server

Download from (Windows Essentials) ~29.5 MB


Installing Java JDK 6

Downloaded from
Java SE Development Kit (JDK)
JDK 6 Update 13: ~73.11MB


Installing Wildfire

Downloaded Wildfire 2.6.2 without JRE ~ 6MB


  1. Extract zip to C:\
  2. In the file manager go to C:\wildfire\bin
  3. Execute wildfire.exe

Installing LAMS 2.3

Get the installers from: Downloads

LAMS starts fine (thumbs up) (smile)

Functional Test

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Windows XP Scenario 1 Functional Testing
Windows XP Scenario 1 Functional Testing