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We recommend using version 0.7 of Red5. Development of the video recording tools was done using this version of the media server. Red5 0.7 Downloads. Red5 0.8 is also now available here.

Installing Red5


Download the Windows installer from the Red5 0.7 Final release page and run it. Install to the default directory. All done!


Red5 0.7 comes as a WAR to use with Sun Java 5 or 6. So download the one according to the Java JDK version you are running on your server. You can drop the war file into a Tomcat or Jetty container.

Configuring Red5

There's only a slightly Once Red5 is started, navigate to http://localhost:5080/installer/. Select the 'oflaDemo', and click 'Install'.

Once that's done, there's only a slight change you need to do to the configuration settings for Red5. Go to where you the Red5 server is installed (Windows: c:\Program Files\Red5, debian/ubuntu: /usr/lib/red5/, Mac OSX /Applications/red5, other unix: see inside the .war file) and edit this file <your-red5-folder>/webapps/oflaDemo/WEB-INF/web.xml. You will see that the last part of the XML file reads: