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Learning with the Video Recorder Tool

The Video Recorder tool in LAMS allows you to upload recorded videos of yourself, viewable by your teacher and classmates.
In some activities, you may also be allowed to rate and comment on your classmate's videos.


Watching an Instructor's Video

When you first reach the activity, your instructor may have left a video message for you. To view this message, click the button under the video window.

Recording Your Own Video

To record your own video, use the Recording Controls at the bottom-right of your screen.

  • View Camera takes the picture from your webcam and displays a Preview.
  • Start Recording begins filming.
    • (Click Stop Recording to end the take.)

You need to give your recording a name and write a quick description.

Viewing other Recordings

On some video recorder activities, you may be allowed to view the recordings made by your classmates.

The recordings from your class will appear in the Videos: list, at the right of the screen.

To view a video, click it, and then click underneath the video window.

Beneath the video, you may also be allowed to add comments and give star ratings.