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Current Release
Current Release
titleDevelopment Releases: LAMS v3.2

LAMS 3.2 is under development.

Expected release: June 2019

Future Releases

LAMS 3.2

In this release we will focus

  • Question Bank
  • Assessment analytics
  • New Assessment question types
  • Import questions from various file types (doc, xls, txt, etc)
  • New Authoring templates
  • Antivirus plugin

Suggest features to implement in GitHub

Past Releases

LAMS v3.0

End of life support: 30-June-2019

LAMS v2.5

  • Tools inputs and outputs (ability for tools to communicate and exchange data)
  • No more Flash interface for learner and monitor

End of life support: 30-June-2017

LAMS v2.4

Wiki Markup

* [Conditional lesson release]
* [Scheduled and instant notifications|Notifications]
* [Date restrictions for lessons|Date restrictions]
* [Mobile devices support for learners]
* [Lesson introductions]
* [Date restrictions on activities]
* and over [400+ fixes and improvements|lams:LAMS 2.4 Feature list]

h4. Tools

* Wookie widgets tool. Based on [Wookie server integration|lamsdocs:lawook10]
* [Webconferencing|lamsdocs:labbb10] integration with 
* [IMS Common Cartridge and IMS Basic LTI|lamsdocs:laimsc11]
* [Kaltura video integration|lamsdocs:Online Editor Kaltura Plugin]

h4. Technical 

* Upgrade to JBoss5.1
* Upgrade to Hibernate 3.3


LAMS v2.3


LAMS v2.2

Released: May 25, 2009

  • Gates
    • Gates are open for individuals
    • Gates can open on learner's output (ie: if the student got 5 or more in the quiz, let him thru)
  • Grouping - Student selected branching.
    A new type of grouping where students get to select which group they want to join.
  • Presence
    While doing a lesson, students and teachers can view who else is doing the activities with them.
  • Learning Objectives (Competence) editor
    Teacher can setup learning objectives in sequences
  • Conditions and branching based on Tool's text output
    Q&A, Forum, Survey, Notebook and Chat now can be used in branching and the teacher can specify conditions based on students' text ouputs (ie: if the student said these keywords then it goes to this branch).
  • Notifications (automatic notification emails when events occur)
  • External tool wrappers: Use LMS tools (Moodle, .LRN, Sakai) as native LAMS tools!


LAMS v2.1

Released: June 19, 2008

  • Conditionality and branching
    • Teacher selected branching
      (i.e.: once a student gets to the branching activity, the teacher decides which branch the learner will take)
    • Group based branching
      (i.e.: members of Group1 go to Branch A, Group2 goes to Branch B, etc)
    • Tool output branching
      (i.e.: learners that got more than 8 in the MCQ, then go to Branch A; learners with less than 8 go to Branch B)
  • Better help and support
  • Grouping Teacher now can set the group names in Author
  • Sequenced activities within Optionals
  • Collapsible Course page
  • Tool Conditions
  • LDAP support
  • Task list tool (new tool!)
  • Insert sequence into other sequences (merge)
  • Online media player


Do you have a wishlist of your own for LAMS? please let us know



LAMS 2.1.1

Released: September 05, 2008

LAMS v2.0

Released December 6, 2006.

  • Internationalization
  • Rich text editor
  • Workspaces and folders
  • Content Repository
  • Runs activities online and offline
  • New groupings
  • Lesson Wizard
  • New Authoring Property Inspector
  • New look and feel
  • Skins and styles
  • Scheduling

See LAMS 2.0 Feature List
See Release Notes



LAMS V2.0.1

Released: March 9, 2007

  • Bug Fixes
  • Internationalization improvements
  • Integrations additions
  • Import users and courses from LAMS 1.0.x servers
  • Survey export raw data as Excel files
  • Improvements for skins
  • and more

See Release Notes

LAMS V2.0.2

Released: March 23, 2007

  • Fix critical internationalization issues 1 2
  • Remove yellow as a colour in chat
  • Fix export portfolio
  • Fix internationalization issues with Greek, Korean and Arabic
  • Improve installer/upgrader to work with XAMPP

See Release Notes

LAMS V2.0.4

Released: June 04, 2007

  • Live Edit (Ability to modify LAMS lessons while they are running i.e.: change an activity, add a new ones, etc. Previously known as Edit On The Fly)
  • Fixes for Moodle and Sakai Integrations
  • 50+ Bug fixes


  • Moodle
  • Sakai
  • .LRN