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Monitoring Submit Files

Summary Screen


View of the Submit Files Monitoring Summary tab.


Double Clicking a Submit Files activity on the Sequence tab opens the Summary Screen for the Activity.

The Summary Screen for Submit Files shows the names of the Learners who have uploaded files to the activity, and provides an interface for monitors to assign marks to Learner contributions.

  • Mark: Clicking this button allows the Monitor to download or view the Learner submissions and assign a numerical mark for that particular submission.
  • View All Marks: This allows the monitor to view all of the marks assigned for each Learner submission. From this screen, the Monitor can also view/download submissions from learners and change the allocated marks.
  • Release Marks: The monitor must choose this option in order to allow Learners to view their marks in the Learning environment.
  • Download Marks: All marks created through the "Update Marks" tool can be downloaded in Spreadsheet (Excel) format.

Update Marks

View All Marks

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View of the Chat Monitoring Instructions tab.


In the Authoring Environment, Authors can use the Instructions Space to attach support files for a specific activity, or leave comments for othe Monitors about how a given activity should be run.

In Submit Files, the Author may suggest instructions for submitting files offline (e.g. a hand written or printed essay) if learners aqnd teachers are more comfortable with that format.

Edit Activity

Clicking the Edit Activity button opens a new screen identical to the _'Basic'_tab in the authoring environment. In the current version of LAMS (2.0.4), Editing can only be performed on activities that students have not yet reached.

Unlike Live Edit, this form of Editing can only modify the content of an activity, as opposed to the structure of a sequence.


The Submit Files Summary tab contains information on:

  • the number of files that have been marked
  • the number of files that have not been marked
  • the total number of files uploaded by learners