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titleCheck Your Eclipse Workspace

Tool templates are taken from the Eclipse workspace, you will need at least one of these projects in the workspace along with the LAMS core projects for the Toolbuilder to workConfigure work.

Configure your cvs client as follows to download the LAMS tools:

  • access method: pserveruser
  • name: anonymous
  • server name:
  • location: /usr/local/cvsroot


  • lams_admin
  • lams_build
  • lams_central
  • lams_common
  • lams_contentrepository
  • lams_learning
  • lams_monitoring
  • lams_tool_deploy
  • lams_www

Download and Installation

There are two ways to install the LAMS ToolBuilder into Eclipse:

  1. Download using Eclpse's inbuild plug-in download manager. NOT YET AVAILABLE
  2. Manually Download from the LAMS downloads page, then manually copy the jar into the Eclipse plugin directory