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Comment: Migration of unmigrated content due to installation of a new plugin


  • added column version int(11) not null to tl_lafrum11_tool_session;
  • added column report_submitted bit(1) to tl_lascrb11_session
  • tool version number updates (from '1.1' to '20061102')
  • tool default content updates
  • update tl_lascrb11_scribe set title='Scribe', instructions='Instructions', online_instructions="", offline_instructions="" where uid=1;


  • LDEV-1579, LDEV-1594: New column added to lams_tool table supports_outputs. Should be 1 for forum, mcq and voting, 0 for all other tools. Forum, mcq and voting tool also updated.
  • LDEV-1597: New column in voting to control whether or not to show the voting results. (updateTo20080326.sql, replacing updateTo20080108.sql)
  • LDEV-1598: Added four new configuration settings for adjusting screen (pop-up window) sizes. (included in alter_21_branching.sql)
  • LDEV-273: Added (non-unique) index on the field, as the Forgot password logic is to allow lookup on email address only.
  • Copyright.jsp (in lams_www) has been updated
  • The following configuration items were marked as mandatory when they shouldn't have been. The alter_21_branching.sql script has been modified. LamsSupportEmail , SMTPServer , XmppAdmin, XmppConference, XmppDomain, XmppPassword.
  • LDEV-1702: Added correct Japanese characters for the language description in lams_supported_locale. The sql update command was put in the alter_21_groupings_fckeditor.sql script for the update.
  • LDEV-1707: Changed type of marks for the File Submission tool from bigint to float. The conversion seems to happen automatically okay. Changed the version number for the tool to 20080509.
  • LDEV-1717: The Quartz db connection was changed to UTF-8. Changed in mysql-ds.ini.

From 2.1 to 2.1.1


Changes to the database no longer need to be recorded here after 2.1. The dbupdates directory in lams.jar and each tool's jar should be considered the authoritative list of database changes - autopatch will execute these as needed.

This page should still be used to record any changes to configuration files such as log4j.xml, etc.

  • Added new configuration setting for the Gmap tool for the GmapKey required to access the google api. NOTE: MAKE SURE THIS FIELD IS EMPTY FOR 2.1.1 INSTALLS/UPDATES
    • insert into lams_configuration (config_key, config_value, description_key, header_name, format, required) values ('GmapKey','', 'config.gmap.gmapkey', 'config.gmap.section.title', 'STRING', 0);
  • Modified lams_build/conf/unix/jboss/tomcat/context.xml and lams_build/conf/windows/jboss/tomcat/context.xml (LDEV-1849)

Before doing the 2.1.1 Release, we will need to add the Google Maps key entry to the LAMS Configuration page.

From 2.1.1 to 2.2

  • Added a new column in the lams_tool table to identify a class of tools for tool adapters. See alter_211_tool_adapter.sql
  • LDEV-1909 Added two new tables for the competence and competence mappings, see alter_22_competence.sql