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If you chose to install LAMS 2.0 without the wrapper, you should be able to run LAMS 2.0 by simply going into the <jboss-4.0.2 dir>/bin and typing:

~$ >$ ./ &

 It will take a few minutes for jboss to start, then you can access LAMS using the server url you put into you file.


If you chose to install the java wrapper, then you should have a few extra files in your <jboss-4.0.2 dir>/bin, namely "" and "wrapper". Make these executable by typing:

~$ >$ chmod a+x *

If you wish to make LAMS a service that starts every time your machine starts up, you need to copy the init.d script ( into the /etc/init.d folder. For more inforamtion about setting up a service, see  the web tutorial