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RAMS is built on top of LAMS, so the required software and basic method of building LAMS also applies to building LAMS.

At present, most of the RAMS work co-incides with LAMS 2.1 work, and is being done on the editonfly_branching branch.

To build RAMS, follow the instructions for building LAMS, with the following modifications:

  • If you already have LAMS deployed to JBOSS on your PC, please delete the lams.ear. This will ensure that any files that do not exist in RAMS won't be left in the ear file by accident.
  • Check out the lams2_0_3 branch.
  • Modify the file:
    • Set conf.application=rams

Note: if you build RAMS, you do not get the Multiple Choice tool. This is expected - it isn't an error!