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Who's using LAMS?

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We've got hundreds of LAMS downloads a day. But since we don't require any registration, we don't really know who is using LAMS unless they voluntarily let us know.

The organizations listed have decided to tell us know they use LAMS.

If you are using LAMS and want to tell us about it, there's an automatic registration button in your sysadmin menu!

Table of Contents

In Australia

In Belgium

In Brazil

In Canada

In Chile

In China

In Croatia

In Cyprus

In Greece

In Hong Kong

In India

In Italy

In Japan

In Jordan

In Malaysia

In Mexico

In Norway

In Russia

In Serbia

In Singapore

In Slovenia

In South Africa

In South Korea

In Spain

In Taiwan

In Thailand

In New Zealand

  • Ministry of Education
    • supporting over 30 schools
    • with polytechnics and universities
    • Integration with Moodle
    • Maori translation
  • National Library of New Zealand
  • University of Auckland

In Poland

In Portugal

In the United Kingdom

In the United States

Are you using LAMS? Let us know!