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Generate icon_tool.swf files

In the old days, the flash guys used to do this, but now we can do it using the swftools in Linux.

Just get the swftools as follows:

Code Block
$ sudo apt-get install swftools

Then get the PNG or JPG image you want to turn into an swf file and do:

Code Block
$ png2swf -o icon_wookie.swf -X 28 -Y 28 -j 95 icon.png 

The X and Y parameters specify the file usually around 28 to 30 pixels will do. the J parameter is for the quality of the JPG that will be embedded in the swf, use a hire quality.

Once you have the file, just place it in your web/images folder with the appropriate name (usually icon_<toolname>.swf

To get info about an .swf file, use the swfdump command.

Also, see Images for SVGGenerator as you need to add the images to lams_central as well