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The installer will ask you if you wish to set up lams as a service, this will make lams start automatically each timeyou time you boot your machine. The installer will attempt to detect the wrapper jar that is suitable for you, if it cannot you can choose the wrapper that is the closest to suiting your architecture

You can find out your architecture types by typing
> uname -a    to get all the inforamtioninformation
> uname -m    to get the architecture type

wrapper-linux-ppc-64-3.2.3    Linux    PPC
wrapper-linux-x86-32-3.2.3    Linux    i386    
wrapper-linux-x86-64-3.2.3    Linix     Linux     IA64

More information about setting the wrapper up in unix can be found here.


Once you have finished editing file you are ready to run the
update script. Go to the root directory of the package and type:
> sudo ./

The installer will ask you whether you want to stop LAMS before updating. Unless you have already done so yourself, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you let the updater run the shutdown script for
LAMS, otherwise the update will not run correctly. Also it is recommended that you backup LAMS before the upgrade, the upgrade script gives you this option, or you are also free to do so yourself.

Running Lams

If you chose to installed LAMS 2.0 without the wrapper, you should be able to run LAMS 2.0.2 by simply going into the <jboss-4.0.2 dir>/bin and typing: