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Wiki Markup

{The *Wiki Tool* allows for authors to create content pages that can link to each other and, optionally, allow Learners to make collaborative edits to the content provided.

{info}For a history of Wiki's and a discussion of how they work, we suggest Wikipedia's excellent page on [Wiki's.|].{info}

There are some important things you should know about Wiki's:

* They are *not static*. In LAMS, authors can allow Learners to edit existing Wiki content. They can add or remove text and images, etc, but the important thing to note is that
* *Nothing on a wiki is ever 'lost'*.  The LAMS Wiki tool allows monitors (and learners if permitted) to view the _history_ of a page.  This shows all of the changes that have been made to the page; who made them and when; and, for monitors, a link to _revert_ the page to a previous state.

{lozenge:icon=!home^clapper.png!|title=Animated Tutorial|link=Wiki Activity Tutorial|arrow=none|color=blue}This animation explains how to create and use the *Wiki* Activity{lozenge}