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We've been working on the side to migrate LAMS to the latest JBoss Application Server (v5.1). The reason we were doing so is to take advantage of all the new libraries and features that are available with this version and future java versions ahead. Additionally, because we believed that performance can also be improved.

So we have run some scalability test with jboss5 and we are very happy with the results.

The analysis of the results show that LAMS can run about 1000 (yes! one thousand) concurrent learners on an normal PC desktop with quite reasonable average response times.

This is quite a significant improvement from LAMS v2.3 and orders of magnitude better than any 2.2 and earlier versions. And even better, there's still some more room to improve. Have a look at the LAMS Scalability Test for all the details. (see )

This is indeed great news as LAMS as it can deliver a lot more with very little hardware infrastructure. If you need more though, you can LAMS can always scale to larger hardware and clusters.

Big kudos to the team and specially Marcin for his work on this. It was a big and complex task and by doing this he also fixes some other very ugly issues we had, so Marcin, many many thanks!

We are hoping to see this in the next 2.4 release in a few months.



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