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LAMS v2 Learner's Guide

Flashless Interface
...the Learning interface can be used without flash. Click to find out how.

Navigating in LAMS

The Learner's Environment in LAMS is where the content in sequences created by teachers or instructors (called 'Authors' in LAMS) is presented to students (referred to in LAMS as 'Learners'.)

Learners can navigate through sequences similarly to working on a web page on the internet. LAMS Sequences present content, either text, image, video or music, and navigation tools, like command buttons and hyperlinks.

Logging In and Using LAMS

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The LAMS Login Screen.
The My Groups Screen.

You access LAMS through an internet browser over the Internet or a Network Connection. Your Teacher or Instructor will be able to provide you with a URL link to the LAMS server, as well as your unique username and password.

When you first load LAMS, you'll be presented with the Login screen. Type your username and password to Log In to your LAMS account.

You will then see the "My Groups" page - this is your "Home" page in LAMS. The Instructors on your LAMS server will be able to assign your user account to Groups and Sub-Groups - you can think of these as Subjects and Classes.

Here, the demo student 'Demetrius' is enrolled in Course2650- Ancient History. Demetrius has access to tow different LAMS sequences, "Introductions" and "Seven Ancient Wonders."

The "Introductions" has been placed in the Ancient History group, so it's available to all of the Learners enrolled in the course. The "Seven Ancient Wonders" sequence however, has been placed in Mr Jone's Tutorial, which means that it will be available only to the sub-group of students in that particular tutorial. There may be other sub-groups, but Demetrius cannot see them because he is not enrolled in those sub-groups.

In LAMS 2.1, sequences that you have completed are displayed with a mark, allowing you to quickly see which sequences you need to do.

Moving Through a Sequence

When you click on a sequence title, it opens in the Learning Environment.
There are several features in this environment that you should know how to use:

Learning Space

The Learning Space.

  • This is where the actual content of the LAMS sequence is displayed . It is in this area that you will do all of the "learning" that you will do with LAMS.
  • Below the content for each activity, there will be a button. (For some activities, the button may have different text, such as 'View All Entries') You click this button to move to the next activity in the sequence.

Progress Bar

The Progress Bar.

  • The Progress Bar shows you the order of activities in the LAMS sequence, as well as your current position.
    • Blue circles represent activities that you have completed.
    • Red squares show your current position in the sequence.
    • Green triangles represent activities that you have not reached.
Visiting Previous Activities

To go back to an activity that you have previously completed, double-click the appropriate blue circle on the Progress Bar. For some activities, such as the Chat or Forum, you will be able to return and continue working on the activity.

Sometimes your instructor may have "locked" an activity. In this case, you will only be able to participate in the activity until you click the "finish" button. You are still able to return and view the activity through the progress bar, but you may not make any changes.

Exit and Resume

In the top-left corner of the Learning Environment, you will notice several command buttons.

  • closes the Learning Environment window and returns you to the My Groups page.
  • will refresh the Learning Environment and take you to your current position in the sequence (indicated by the Red Square on the Progress bar.)

Exporting Portfolios

A new feature of LAMS 2.0 is the ability to Export your contributions to a LAMS sequence. Using this feature will create a File which you can save to a disk and view outside of LAMS.

The Export Portfolio feature may be disabled by the Instructor for particular sequences. If you can't see the export button, ask your instructor if they can enable the export privileges for user.

Once you have completed the sequence you can choose to Print a completion certificate for the lesson.

Using the Notebook

The Notebook in the Learner view.

In the bottom Left corner of the Learning environment is the Notebook. This is a space where you can take private notes during a sequence for later review. By clicking "View All" you can view all of the notebook entries that you have made in every sequence.

You can also convert your notebook entries into "Journal" entries, which will prevent you from making any changes, and also make the entries available to view by your instructors.

The "My Notes" page.

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